Sunday, June 20, 2010


We have traveled to Litchfield, England, as the advanced elements of the team that will digitize two Bibles in the library of Litchfield Cathedral.

On Wednesday, Amy, Will, Zoe, and I drove to Charlotte and took a flight to Gatwick. We chose to take the bus from Gatwick to Litchfield, rather than a train, since the bus would allow us to avoid a £100 train ride into London. In retrospect, this was not the best plan. These pictures are from our 3-hour wait for the bus from Gatwick. We survived, However, and got to our hotel at about 6:00 on Thursday. The kids were real troopers.

On Friday we had a very pleasant initial meeting with Canon Chancellor Pete Wilcox, who showed us the Vestry room where we will set up the conservation copystand. The staging area will be either the Pedilavium, which would be a bit public, or the Choristers’ Vestry, which would be ideal for us, if not for the Choristers.

Everyone at the Cathedral was warmly welcoming. We got an impromptu tour, as the Nave filled up with schoolchildren arriving for a day of Cathedral-related activities--music, drama, calligraphy, painting. Zoe was particularly taken with the English kids, who looked fabulous in their uniforms.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around, watching some Grebes building a nest in a pond, watching the US/Slovenia game in our room, and watching England/Algeria from the extremely pleasant “George IV” pub, whose proprietor is our new best friend in Lichfield.
I will talk a little about the two books we will be photographing, the agreement with the Cathedral, and the technology involved in my next post.

We are on a train to London now, on Saturday morning, to see David and Juan at the British Library, and to do tourist things for the weekend.

On Monday morning the gear will be delivered, and we can get down to business.

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